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I do not measure my success as a coach with titels that my athlets have achived. An Ironman champion does not fill me with more pride than an athlete who runs his first 10k. When I can help my athletes reach the goals we have set out I´m successful! Sure, I have been coaching Ironman and national Champions but I also coach normal people. People who just want to become a little faster or fitter.


In sports it´s usually all about times and ranks That´s also why I have listed my best results beneath.

Success in sports is also a question of how we define success! For me it´s not always a question of ranks and times. Success also means that I like what I am doing. When it makes fun when you are working out you keep on doing it! I still have fun when I´m working out! I´m healthy,

I´m fit, I´m having fun, now that is really success for me!

My best Ironman results
Finish time 8.23 (Ironman Europe 1992, 5th)
Ironman Kona: 8:47 (1992,
Swim: 0:48 (Ironman Australia 1993)
Bike: 4:32 (Ironman Europe 1992)
Run: 2:54 (Ironman New Zealand 1992)

Bennie Lindberg auf die Ironman Laufstrecke 1992 in Roth


since 2020

since 2017

Intoduction of Koyawa

Head coach during triathlon camps for Hannes Hawaii Tours 

2016 Republishing of “Bis zum Äussersten” – as Ebook
2011 Production, design and retailing off AddX Wetsuits
2011 Publishing of “Gigathlon changes your view”
2009 Publishing of “Triathlontraining für Berufstätige”
since 2008 Editorial staff member by Tritime Magazin
2006 Publishing of “Nordic Walking Pur”
2005-08 Import in Germany of Green Turtle wetsuits
2004 Founding of “Nordic Walkingschule Fränkisches Seenland=
2003 Publishing of “Bis zum Äussersten” (my first book)
since 2002 Seminars and motivational speaking for companies and associations
2001 Founding of Nordic Walking Park Fränisches Seenland
1999 Organization and managing of Sportwelt Brombachsee
1996-1997 Professional coach education in Suomen Urheiluopisto, Vierumäki, Finland
since 1996 offering coachning services
1996 Founding of my company “Ad Extremum”
1995 Moved to Roth, Germany (close to Nuernberg)
1992-93 Coach and trainer by the Finnish Triathlon Association
1990-93 Professional Triathlete (until my traffic accident))
1988-1993 Member of the Finnish National Team in Triathlon


High School graduation (Studentexamen) Esbo, Finland

Military service Nylands Brigad Ekenäs. Rank: Under Sergeant

Studies by Swedish School of Economics in Helsingfors: Master of Economics

Triathlon C and B-Coaching License in Pajulahti, Finland.

Professional coach education in Vierumäki, Finland.

The Nordic Edge dein Vorteil in Triathlon Training
Pictogram von Tri Coach swim-bike-run