Triathlon Trainer und Coach - Bennie Lindberg


For me coaching is communitation! We are all different! We have different bodies, different strengths and different weaknesses. What works for one athlete does not have to work for another.

We have some general physiological rules to play by, but that is only the frame in which we have to work! There is a lot of room for individual training in this frame and I call this space FEELING.

You also have to feel and find out what works for you and what not. I can only write you the plans but you have to tell me how it feels. It´s your body and that´s why communication is so important!

We cannot rely only on our feelings, it might mislead us when the training gets though, that´s why we need different test on a regular basis to control and monitor our progress.

Different testing sets including watt, heart rates, frequencies, and speed are all part of the coaching.

I have three rules in my coaching:

  1. Try to achieve as much as possible, with as little training as you can. Usually it´s no big problem to increase the hours later.
  2. As long as a meter remains a meter and one second still is one second coaching stays easy! If you do not get faster over a certain time, you are doing something wrong and you have to change something!
  3. Excellence consists of knowledge, experience and your work ethics.

My task as a coach is, together with the athlete, to create a plan how to reach the goal and then and then plan the training to reach this goal. With more than 30 years of experience, I know what we have do to reach this goal!

All my training plans are custom made, 100% handwork so to speak. Every single workout is tailored to fit your person, goals, day and lifestyle.

I only coach a limited number of athletes each year in order to guarantee the quality of my work.

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