Triathlon Trainer und Coach - Bennie Lindberg

Achievements as an athlete

In sports it´s usually all about times and ranks That´s also why I have listed my best results beneath.

Success in sports is also a question of how we define success! For me it´s not always a question of ranks and times. Success also means that I like what I am doing. When it makes fun when you are working out you keep on doing it! I still have fun when I´m working out! I´m healthy,

I´m fit, I´m having fun, now that is really success for me!

1. Place
2004 Gigathlon, CH
2001 Megathlon, D
1989 EC Ironman distance Triathlon, DK

2. Place
2002 Gigathlon, CH
1995 Euroman (IM) Zürich

Ironman New Zealand: 1992, 1995
Ironman Australia: 1992, 1993
Ironman Europe: 1992

TOP 10
FM Cyclo-Cross 1989, 1996
Ironman New Zealand: 1991, 1996
Ironman Australia: 1991

TOP 20
Ironman Hawaii: 1991, 1992

Best times by Ironman
Overall 8.23 (Ironman Europe 1992)
Swim: 0:48 (Ironman Australia 1993)
Bike: 4:32 (Ironman Europe 1992)
Run: 2:54 (Ironman New Zealand 1992)

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